The problem with inspiration. When Was The Last Time You Created Something?

The Sleeping GirlThere are some moments in an artist’s life when he will fight with his mind, trying to understand what does it take to be creative. Sometimes this could be an endless war, where nobody will win the fight. Maybe just the paper, because it will remain untouched. I am not sure why is this happening, but I do know that it does happen all the time. It looks like our feelings are our source of inspiration. Our feelings are responsible for the things that we have created. We can easily recognize somebody who is really passionate about anything. Just think of an artist who got stuck in your mind. I am sure that you will understand what do I mean. It is very important to communicate with your drawings. In order to realize that you must transfer your feelings through your artwork. I believe that nobody can realize this if he isn’t passionate enough about his work. It’s no secret that people are  amazed by drawings or paintings. Believe me, communicating through art is such a great feeling!

Why do we forget to be creative?

Where is the problem? After all we live our lives in this world surrounded by things, souls, friends, families, gestures, moments, love, hate, feelings, which were supposed to inspire us in a way or another. I believe that sometimes we just forget how to be creative. We forget that we have the power of creation. I wonder why do we do this because everything starts with a single, simple thought. We dream, we have the idea, we imagine how it will be, and than, boom everything is blank. Why don’t we just go further and explore our feelings? Why don’t we just explore these moments until we will find that energy that will guide us through the moment of creation? Well, in the most cases we forget to be creative because we don’t have a purpose. Please tell me where are you going if you don’t know your destination, your final stop? We have millions of reasons to not write down our own objectives. We have a million excuses to quit what we wanted to do, because sometimes it just feels so hard to do it. This is who we are. We are humans. We are betrayed by our feelings, our mind, our actions. We refuse to do what we were born to do. We do things that we don’t like, we work for people that we don’t like and we think life is so unfair.

You must have a purpose. Focus on it.

We are artists, we should know how to create art. The truth is that we know. But sometimes we just don’t focus enough. This can be another problem.  Let’s say that you know your purpose. You want to create art because this is how you express yourself and you just want to share this with the world, let’s say you want to be a popular artist. As long as you don’t focus enough you will be lost on the road. Don’t you ever stop from creating art.  Don’t be mad at the people who said that your art is worth nothing. You can never satisfy everyone. Don’t take it personally. You need them. Look, I used to work in sales.  I learned one simple but powerful rule. If you want to make a sale you must speak with as many people as you can which wouldn’t buy from you. If you do that, you will be closer to the people which would want to buy from you. This rule helped me to maintain a positive thinking about my work. This is very important. Having a positive feeling about your work will actually help you to go further. Focus.

Let’s show the world what we can create.



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