Interview with Stella Caraman – Illustrator, Graphic Designer

stella caramanThis week we interviewed an artist who is passionate about graphic design, photography, paper sculpting and animation. Stella Caraman is a full time freelancer from Romania. She is very talented and we are very proud to present you her work.  We love the colors which she uses, not just in her drawings but also on her miniature paper sculptures. Those tiny paper sculptures are simply amazing.

Tell me something about yourself. Name / Where are you etc.

My name is Stella Caraman, I’m 28 years old graphic designer and illustrator based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

What is your favorite color?

They always come in pair and they have a good habit of changing, this year I like purple near olive color.

What is your dream?

I have lots of dreams, one of them is to have a creative studio with talented and enthusiastic people.

What is your background?

All my life was organized around my talents, I started drawing at the Art School for kids in early childhood since I was 7 years old, passing by Art College and ended with George Enescu University of Arts of Iasi.

How did you start as an artist?

Everything started when I finished college, I felt like a true artist in the moment when somebody bought one of my canvases.

You are a full time freelancer, how long do you spend creating in one day?

Creating process is not just manufacturing, it starts from the birth of the idea and ends with the final product, procrastination is an important part of the process so I would say 12 hours per day :).

What do you like to create?

It’s quite hard to decide, drawing is my soul, photography is my love, paper sculpting is my passion and animation is my curiosity. How could I choose just one?

How did you start on Graphicriver?

This is a step through which many artists are passing by and I arrived at my moment to get into this kind of marketplace.

How do you market yourself as a brand?

With social networks, mostly my Facebook Page where I present all my goodies for sale, work in progress, custom and personal projects. Also I am using Behance, everyone knows this is the best portfolio showcase platform.

We noticed you have a Wacom Cintiq, do you use it all the time?

Practically yes, it all depends on the difficulty of the project.

Do you draw on iPad?

Yes, I started recently and I’m very enthusiastic about it. It is very helpful when I’m traveling because there is no need to carry a pencil and paper.

meetpoint by stella caraman UFO by stella caraman

made in Bamboo Paper

How do you handle a difficult client?

Usually I am honest when the things goes wrong but it does not happen often, as a freelancer I fired two customers 🙂  and they deserved it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From travelling, from curiosity, from making yoga, from struggle to get better result. All ideas are in the air, floating calm and waiting for someone to pick them, my job as an artist is to stay tuned.

Can you tell us something about your stop motion animation project?

It’s a personal project inspired from my life, it is a short story about a boy who encounters a few problems during a getaway in a small town. The project was born from the desire to experience stop motion in the true sense of the word and I truly wanted something complicated in my life. The process is lengthy considering that I have to create all the elements from paper, but I’m enjoying every second spent on this project and my hope is that each viewer will enjoy every second of this type of animation as much as I enjoy creating it!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!

paper sculpting by stella caraman

Do you listen to music when you create?

Yes, but not always, sometimes I need silence.

What advice can you give to a young artist?

Use the power of technology and social media in your favor, believe in meritocracy and get out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

 Name three artists you admire.

Brian Miller, Denis Zilber, Mitos Micleusanu.

How can people contact you?

by email – [email protected], Facebook Page, Behance

airplane by stella caramanboxer by stella caramanavatars by stella caramanhashtag by stella caramanmountain city by stella caramanoffice by stella caramancar 3 by stella caramancar 5 by stella caramantravel by stella caraman



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