Pencil Drawing Lesson. Prologue.

Hello, I am glad that you are here! I’m Jack and I want to share with you my very first pencil drawing lesson that I have learned.

When I had to draw for the first time, I didn’t enjoyed it at all. The truth is that I didn’t know how to draw and I was so ashamed. Actually I was ashamed about what others will think about me. This is not a positive feeling and definitely it won’t help you to make a progress.”

The first pencil drawing lesson is:  It takes a little bit of courage to give it a try.

After I made my very first drawing I realized that it was the most ugliest drawing I have ever seen in my life! I didn’t know how to draw and the thing was that I didn’t want to show it to anyone, because I didn’t want them to laugh at my sketch.”

If you feel the same way that I felt, please do not worry. It’s a natural thing. Each of us had to learn before.

What you will learn from these pencil drawing lessons:

  • How to draw basic geometric shapes
  • How basic geometric shapes will help you in your drawings
  • How to draw backgrounds
  • How to surprise your friends by drawing their portraits

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