Traditional tools

Nothing feels like true traditional tools. The natural feel of a pencil on a piece of paper is what any artist should experience once in a while.

Raster and vector tools

Nowadays digital art has become so important that you can't ignore it. Thousands of dots and million of pixels are coming across our screens.

Web development tools

Online presence is mandatory. The web evolved naturally over the past years and it's got to a point where design can make a difference.

Ancient Egyptian Art

The history of ancient Egypt, one of the most enduring civilizations of the ancient world,  is a history of continuity in the face of external challenges, and this story finds expression in the rich tradition of Egyptian art. The story of Egyptian art begins approximately 3,000 years ago with the Palette of Narmer, a stone

Masters of Art: Sandro Boticelli

Few artists create a niche for themselves among remarkable work and when talking about that, the name of Sandro Boticelli cannot be left behind. Born in the year 1445, the Painter from Italy took his patronage from Lorenzo De Medici in the school of Florentine art and was hugely influenced by Medici’s work. His work