How To Use The Proportions Correctly

In this pencil drawing lesson I will show you some great video that I’ve found which will help you to learn how to apply the proportions theory correctly.

I spent a lot of time drawing portraits in pencil. I was overjoyed when I managed to create great portraits. But there were some moments when I felt that something was not right, like something was missing. I used to erase the lines until the page was torn. It was hard to understand for me how long should I draw the nose, where should I place the eyes so that my drawing would resemble reality. And all of this for just one simple reason – no one taught me the importance of proportions.

Things changed when I discovered a site where I learned about the importance of proportion and how to keep track of them. Imagine you’re a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci and he sends you to measure the world”,  this phrase led me to learn how to apply the theory of proportions in my drawings.

When you want to draw a portrait, before you start drawing you need to do some measurements. Pick a measure with your pencil. Your goal is to draw with the same proportions as in reality. So you will know exactly how to draw the outline of the face, how long will be the neck, where you will put the ears, where you will begin to draw hair. These elements, if properly drawn will make the difference between a good drawing and a less successful one, this are also elements that will make your drawing resemble the real person, but this is not enough. To draw a portrait you must have in mind four very important elements that will provide unique features such as: eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Remember, if you learn how to properly draw these elements, the chances that the final work will look like in reality are very high!

Let me share with you three videos that I found on the internet which will show you the correct methods in using proportions.

Part 1 – Face Proportions

Part 2 – Face proportions, Front View

Part 3 – Face proportions, Profile View

What difficulties did you have before using proportions?



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