How To Choose The Right Paper For Drawing Pencil Portraits

In this pencil drawing lesson I want to share with you 3 types of paper that you can choose from.

Drawing on paper is the most common method when you want to create a pencil portrait. Therefore there are many types of paper of different textures, sizes, thickness etc. I remember when I was back to school and I was drawing on the back of my notebooks or on a piece of paper whenever I had the occasion.

In time I learned that there is a difference between normal paper and the paper dedicated to artists. The paper dedicated to artists is stronger than usual paper. Next I want to expose your paper types you can use when you want to draw portraits in pencil.

  • Normal paper – it fits perfect when you just want to play with pencils. It also a cheap solution and you can find it on any stationery store.
  • Printer paper – is the most used type of paper for drawing. It has different thickness and textures. Is fits perfectly when you want to draw in pencil, pen or ball pen.
  • Paperboard – is a hard type of paper and it’s recommended using it when you want  to draw in charcoal or pastel/crayon. When you want to draw in pastel, I suggest you to choose a gray paperboard or brown or blue or any color that you prefer. It will help greatly when you will have to draw some highlights with a white crayon. This paperboard can be bought from art stores.

To choose the right paper, you should think from the beginning what tools you will use – pencil, pen,ball pen, charcoal or crayons.

Let’s share some experiences: what kind of paper do you usually use when you want to draw something?



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